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The Popularity of Ginger

October 13, 2021 2 min read

Ginger has been used throughout history as a flavoring and to improve the smell of food. It is believed that Ginger originated from Southeast Asia and findings from early settlements in China and India indicate that the inhabitants cultivated and used ginger over 7,000 years ago.

The ginger root was used as a tonic by the Indians and ancient Chinese to cure a variety of animal illnesses. Ginger originated in Southeast Asia, but it was still cultivated in many other countries. By the first century, merchants had begun trading ginger in the Mediterranean basin. It eventually became popular in Rome where it was a common ingredient in making sweets.

Ginger has been traded for longer than any other spice, according to historical records. Its food-related uses are many and include adding flavor/spice to cooking as well as improving taste by masking unpleasant smells. Ginger has also been known to be used for medicinal purposes, some of which included treating nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, and other digestive problems. It is now used worldwide for those same reasons; however, it has also become a lovely addition to tea.

How Was Ginger Used in The Past?

In South Asia, the juice of the ginger root had also been developed into a type of vinegar that was used before cane sugar became available in Europe on a large scale; this use declined sharply with the arrival on these shores of cheap sugar in the 18th century.

Since sugar was soon added to gingerbread, it is likely that this sweet dish was developed when the root became readily available. Ginger roots are often preserved in syrup or pickled in vinegar, either of which can be used to make spiced drinks. 

How Ginger is Used in The Preparation of Tea and Infusions

For tea, simply put a small amount of grated ginger into hot water. With spices, it is best to use only the freshest roots you can find for freshness. For both tea and infusions, one or two teaspoons of minced ginger per cup of water are usually enough.

Ginger tea can also be made by pouring hot water over grated fresh ginger root, covered and allowed too steep for several minutes before removing the lid and adding sugar or honey. It is important not to boil the mixture because this could destroy the active ingredients. Ginger tea is recommended to relieve nausea, fight colds and flu, and aid digestion.

Other uses for ginger include creating candies, beverages (such as ginger ale), baked goods (such as gingerbread) and pickled ginger, which is used as a condiment in Japanese cuisine.

You can get all the benefits of ginger with Journey Leaf Lemon Ginger. Just prepare a delicious cup of ginger tea with one of our tea bags and enjoy the delicious benefits of ginger with the added bonus of 500mg of Vitamin C for immune support.

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